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Visiting The Car

Stopped by the shop to visit the car today. It is waiting for necessary repairs to get it back on the road. Here are a few photos.


Feeling very grateful for you all that pledged and donated. With help from friends, family and perfect strangers we were able to raise enough money to provide up to 50,000 meals through the World Food Program USA. Thank you all for helping us help others. I hope 2017...

We Are Home

Just wanted to let everyone know we made it home safe and sound. I will try to post the updates I missed in the next week or so. Thanks for all your encouragement and support. Stephen

Separation Anxiety – Lancia is in England

We are having a bit of separation anxiety. Well, truth be told, none. Guiltily feel a bit of glee that we aren't waking up in a new hotel in a new city, in a new country, concerned whether the car would make it another day. The poor thing did us well. We will be...

We made it.

Exhausted. But we made it. More details to come in the next few weeks. Kindness, Forgiveness and Courage. Be well,...

Updates Coming – A moment of weakness

Truth be told, it has been incredibly tough the past few days. I almost gave up this morning, I was looking at train schedules to Paris from Lausanne. It was a moment of weakness. It has passed. I just remembered all those that are relying on us to make it, all those...

Daily Reports From Organizers

Here is a link to the organizers website daily reports: Stephen

Day 26 – Belarus to Poland – Border Crossing – 290.92KM

Day 26 - Belarus to Poland - Border Crossing - 290.92KM Waiting at the border. Entering Europe today. It could be a few more hours of waiting. We only have 10 more days. Hard to believe the Lancia has made it 26 days. I had a few minutes waiting and was going through...

Day 24 Smolensk to Belarus 554km

Day 24 Smolensk to Belarus 554km It has been a few long days. Everything is going fine. We had fun on the tracks yesterday. Our car isn't quick off the start, but she can move. The sound of squealing tires and the smell of burning rubber. What fun. We met a tour guide...

Day 22 – N. Novgorod to Zavidovo – N. Ring Track

Day 22 - N. Novgorod to Zavidovo - 470.67 - N. Ring Track Everything is going well for the little Lancia and the crew. Very grateful for the new shocks! The first event of the day was a time trial around the Novgorod Ring Race Track. What great fun! The car did great...

Day 19 – Perm to Kazan – Rough Roads and Gratitude – 628Km

Day 19 - Perm to Kazan - Rough Roads and Gratitude - 628Km Heading to Kazan today. So far very rough patches on the major highway just an hour out of the city. 7 hours to go. Strange the bad spots are random. Other stretches are pretty good. We have opted out of...

On the Route to Perm – Friendly People

On the way to Perm we stopped at a service station to get gas and some drinks. We couldn't understand what they were saying, they couldn't understand us, and Google Translate wasn't working. After the clerk came out and pointed at the gas nozzle and then went back in...

Yekaterinburg to Perm – Day 18

Yekaterinburg to Perm - Day 18 Today is the halfway point of the rally. Today we cross the Asia Europe border. Wish I felt better, Yekaterinburg looks beautiful even in the rain. Fever is gone and feeling a little better, luckily it was only tonsillitis and not the...

Omsk to Tyumen – Day 16 – 677km

Omsk to Tyumen - Day 16 - 677km This post is going to be really short. Not feeling well, rally Doctor is coming to my room at the hotel. I think it is just the touch of the flu. After 11 hours in the car I don't feel so chipper. No complaints, others have it much...

Homesick for Novosibirsk – Day 15

Homesick for Novosibirsk - Day 15 - Novosibirsk to Omsk - 695.00 Kilometers We are back on the road, just left Novosibirsk 2 hours ago. The car got finished at 2:00am this morning. The mechanics did a great job. Our stay in Novosibirsk was one of the best stays along...

Local News – Novosibirsk

We were interviewed yesterday about the car and the rally. We were on the news. Hoping to get a link....

Car Repairs

Good news! We just visited the shop and the repairs are underway. No damage to the sump, broken engine mount repaired, fan blade wielded (installed), new radiator hoses, leaf springs repaired and reinforced (more clearance), carburetor screws tighten (no more fuel...

Going with the Flow – Rest Day Novosibirsk – Day 14

We couldn’t be happier with the crew that is working on our car. They told us yesterday that we were very easy to work for and they were very happy to help us. We told them the same thing. A little kindness and trust goes a long ways. We are all in this together and...

Cars Coming In.

The whole city is coming to view the cars. Stephen

Day 8 – End of Day

It's the end of day 8. We made it. It was the toughest day so far. Several river crossing some without bridges. The dash camera has failed and the iPhone mount failed. We drove all day with no shocks. Just running on the leaf springs, which means going very slowly. We...

Blew Another Shock

Blew Another Shock. Removing it and then on our way. But we are fine....

Day 9 – Wet and Cold

Off to start Day 9, wet, rainy, cold. Glad we have heat. When we got in last night several people came to give us hugs and cheers. There were many that thought the little Lancia wouldn't make it. Keep move forward slow and steady through the rocks, rivers, and mud. Be...

Repairs Underway – Cars Arriving

The car is getting done. We walked to the Opera and City Center where there will be a presentation from the city government tonight. Tomorrow is a large celebration of the city's anniversary and then a show of the cars. Stephen

Our First Gold Metal

We were presented with the first gold medal, the gold medal of Novosibirsk. Stephen

Repairs Underway – Russian Television

The car repairs are underway. They are making repairs to the engine and suspension. They really are doing all they can. We found out we broke the leaf springs as well. They are already being repaired. We were also asked to do a short interview for the local television...

Kicked Out of Presidential Suite

Well not really kicked out, but we moved to a smaller room. I feel like an ex president, leaving the White House. But our new room is very nice. Stephen

From Russia With Love

After crossing the Russian border things seem to be very tough going trying to get help. Then, after we reached the oasis of the hotel we received a Facebook message from someone we didn't know offering translation services. We were very skeptical, but we were...

In Novosibirsk – Waiting For Car

We are in Novosibirsk waiting for the car to arrive so it can be taken to the garage to have repairs. The hotel only had one room left. It was definitely an upgrade to the camping, we opted to take a car from the campsite overnight to the hotel to be able to have a...

Goodbye Mongolia – Hello Russia

Left the Mongolia border this morning and now going through the Russian border and customs. Hopefully not too much longer. Everyone has been friendly. Last time the rally went through the Russian border it took 9 hours. Off to find a shop to do a bit of welding and a...

All Roads Lead to Olgiy

After navigating for the tow truck drive for more than 14 hours, some of it in the dark on dirt tracks. We get lost because the GPS coordinates are wrong and so are the directions. Doesn't look like any sleep is in the near future. Need to find out what our options...

On a Flatbed Truck

Unfortunately we had damage to our car, that was so bad we are having it towed to the neatest town. It is 250km. We are safe! The mechanics are confident it can be repaired. We hit a very large boulder, trying to avoid a crash with another competitor. We cracked the...

Day 8 – Still Going

Not much internet yesterday or today. Very remote. Car is still going along. 37th overall. Not bad for just running on the leaf springs. 4th in class....

We made it one more day

It was a slow day due to another shock blown, but we made it. It was very rocky, but beautiful. Dinner, a shower and then to bed. Stephen

Start Time Tomorrow

Here is the start time tomorrow. Still working in the car. It is going to be a late night. It is 10:17 already. Stephen

Results after 4 Days

Here are the results after 4 days. We still have a gold medal standing. If we get the repairs done and drive a little slower. Stephen

Repairs are underway

We have repairs underway. Unfortunately it my be a late night, since one of the other  competitors who we invited to come to the shop took over our lift before we got there. Completely rude. And told me he didn't care that the lift was reserved for us weeks in...

Day 5 – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia “Rest Day”

Good morning.  Well I think when the organizers said there was a rest day, I think it was more like a rest day for the poor cars.  The stories at dinner were amazing and very similar.  We have blown two shocks, lost the headlight trim, got clogged fuel filters, and...

End of Day 4 – Ulannbattar, Mongolia

Done for the day. We get to rest tomorrow. One friend rolled their car today, but they are fine. That is all that matters. We blew two shocks and got some bad gas, but safe and sound at the hotel. Very nice room. It is already 9:15 and still light out. Dinner and then...

Blew a Second Shock

We blew another shock.  Not much further from the first one.  Same side, the terrain is really rough.

A Beautiful Place to Breakdown

A Beautiful Place to Breakdown! Thank you to the event mechanics. On the road again soon. We blew a shock and knocked the exhaust loose. No real damage done. We are safe and sound and in good hands. Stephen

Blew a Shock

Blew a shock, but repairs underway. Hopefully not out of the race. Not out of the race.  Looks like we won't be getting Gold standing, unless everyone else does horribly.  Not to worry, I just am glad we are here.  We are very very fortunate to be doing this.  Both...

The Little Lancia did Great

Sorry for no updates we were in a dead zone. It was the first real off-roading so far. Out little Lancia did great. This place is ruggedly beautiful. Slept well on the car last night. Though we were not informed about the filling stations that were prepaid. I was told...

Day Three – Crossing into Mongolia

Been up since 2:30. The sun is coming up now just after 4:00am. Day Three! Wish us luck, it is the start of the off road and traveling through the desert.

Friends We Have Meet Along the Way

Here are a few links to some of the friends we have met along the way. Looking forward to getting to know them all better and also getting to know a few more. The Lancia is running along smoothly, lost a hub cab today, but it was easily retrieved. It was the one on...


I need to make a correction, we cross into Mongolia tomorrow morning. Last night in China. Enjoy the dinosaurs!

Doing great! Mongolia Next Stop!

Doing great! Mongolia Next Stop! Very grateful for all of your support and encouragement. People have been overwhelming kind and friendly. The little Lancia that could. Our little purple grateful grape. Thank you from Bryon and Stephen

Day One Complete

Well we made it through the first day. We lost a bit of trim, but other than that the car did great. Showered and fed, now it's time for bed. Stephen

Car Pickup and Drive through Beijing

We picked up the car at the warehouse and drove back to the hotel through Beijing. The car is safely parked in the hotel parking lot. Stephen

Sightseeing and Police Briefing

Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Peking Duck Lunch, Home of Last Emporer, Summer Palace, Police Briefing and Dinner at Aman The day started out at 7:00am. We had a fun filled and packed day of site seeing and good food, along with the brief Police Briefing, where we...

Welcome Desk and Car Collection

There is a Welcome Desk this morning where all 200+ participants will be getting instructions and times to go collect their cars. Also getting GPS units programmed and handing over documentation for the boarder crossings. Not to forget we get our Chinese license...

Live Map

You will be able to track our car live by going to the following website.  I will try and get it embedded into the site, but for now, just click on the link.  We won't be starting the rally until the 12th of June, you can see where we go in Beijing, beforehand. Click...

Middleburg is Famous

At the airport. There were about 5 or 6 of these displays promoting Virginia and Maryland.  Crazy!  

First Class Cabin to Ourselves

The travel gods must have been smiling down on us.  We had the entire first class cabin to ourselves.  Not bad for tickets using miles. I am sure the rest of the trip won't be this...

Our Friends

It will be a great flight with our dear friends Jill and Tony, Car 58. We are the only first class passengers!...

Remembrance Panels

These are the panels of names of friends and loved ones that are no longer with us that will be installed in the headliner and taking the journey with us. If you want to add a loved one, please send me a message. They won't be printed, but I am bringing a Sharpie....

Testing Facebook Connection

Well with only hours to go before we head off to the airport I am configuring the website to automatically post to Facebook.  Wish me luck.

Car Delivered to Shipping Agent in California

We made it in time to get the car to the shipping agent in California.  More details to come, but we did it in 43 hours from the east coast to the west coast, and only stopped for fuel.

Visit to Mike Kristic – Lancia History

A short clip from our visit to Mike in Pennsylvania to interview Mike about Lancia and his life long love of the car and helping others get parts for others. Some famous, and some not so famous.

Transmission Removed

Up on the lift getting transmission removed to be sent out for rebuild.

Shopping for Seats

Shopping for new rally seats that will lie flat or nearly flat.

First Drive

First drive of Lancia out to The Plains, VA.  It was raining heavily and the car performed great.  

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