After crossing the Russian border things seem to be very tough going trying to get help. Then, after we reached the oasis of the hotel we received a Facebook message from someone we didn’t know offering translation services. We were very skeptical, but we were desperate to find someone to repair the car. Our friend in the US was also looking and arranging garage space. So we through caution to the wind. After many message back and forth and then phone calls, a lunch meeting and the a visit to the shop where our car had arrived (they took care of calling the truck driver). They immediately looked over the car, asked us important questions. We sat and had tea and chocolates and learned more about the shop and its employees. They gave us a written estimate and said they would call if they had any question or found anything else. The price was very very fair. The owner of the shop drove us back to our hotel around 10:00pm. When we left the mechanics were discussing if they should go home right away and get sleep or just work through the night. They are confident they can get our car running again. Someone is looking out for us.

These guys also have a program were they mentor over 700 students of all ages to learn about everything from go carting, track racing, rally racing, fabrication, to car restoration and more. They have 8 locations and about 30 employees. They all were very friendly and helpful. So grateful to have a great translator who reached out to offer his help, free of charge.

Very grateful.