Truth be told, it has been incredibly tough the past few days. I almost gave up this morning, I was looking at train schedules to Paris from Lausanne. It was a moment of weakness. It has passed. I just remembered all those that are relying on us to make it, all those we have met, all those that have helped us along the way to keep the car going, and all our friends and family who have been an inspiration. Not to mention leaving Bryon with figuring out how to get to Paris alone and getting the car home would have been incredibly selfish and rude. With much gratitude. There is light at the end of the tunnel(s).

Hoping today is better. It is 5 hours of travel to get to Reims. The gearbox can’t make all the route tests today, we are taking main roads all the way to Reims. Hopefully we won’t need a tow or flatbed truck.

Either way we will make it to Paris. We crossed into France. Happy and sad for the French people who have suffered such great sorrow and violence.

My everyone have a safe day.

Kindness, Forgiveness and Courage.

Be well,