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Nutrition For Good

36 Days. 8500 Miles. 1 Million Meals to Serve.

My life changed in April 2014 while traveling in India. During that trip, I made a donation of $250, and fed 1,000 people, that's .25 cents a meal but I can do more. During that trip I made a personal commitment to set up a fund to raise enough money to feed a million people. I have found several organizations around the world that provide meals for under $1.00. Some also provide education, training, and infrastructure to help communities break the cycle of hunger. Please help break this cycle. We take the abundance we have in the US for granted. In most cases, 15 to 25 cents can make the difference between life and death. 1000 meals, divided by $250 donation = .25 cents per meal. That's powerful.

This rally is the springboard for launching – Nutrition For Good. My goal is to raise enough money to provide 1,000,000 meals worldwide to those in need. Nutrition For Good is establishing partnerships with non-profit organizations around the world to provide meals and food assistance for under $1.00 per meal. This limit is set to ensure that every penny given makes an impact. Along with food assistance, Nutrition For Good is working with organizations to provide education and training on sustainable food production. All partner organizations will have a limit of 15% of administrative costs so that 85% of ALL donations go directly to helping feed those in need. All administration fees and operating expenses for Nutrition For Good will be covered by the founders of Nutrition For Good.

In the coming weeks, I will share more information on Nutrition For Good. Whether it is through helping out, giving financial assistance, or getting involved with this documentary. Please consider joining me on this drive to feed the hungry. We as a community can make a difference in millions of lives worldwide.

With gratitude,

Stephen Waudby

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