1955 Lancia B12

The Car

Lancia is said to be better built than Rolls Royce and sport a better engine than Ferrari and this 1955 Lancia Aurelia B12 might just be proof.   While the B10 and B20 were more popular models, La Lancia, “the most authoritative book on the Italian marquee,” notes that the B12 was perhaps the best driving Aurelia model ever built.  With over 20,000 miles logged in international rallies, the original owner of this Lancia B12 notes this car was always driven to each rally and never let him down.

The V6

The world’s first ever V6 was introduced in the Aurelia model in 1950 by Lancia and is the work of Francesco De Virgilio.  It was developed to solve vibration problems Lancia had with its V4 engines.  The vibration problem was solved by setting the vee angle to 60 degrees.  GM is reported to still pay license royalties to Fiat (now the owner of Lancia) for use of this design.  The Lancia V6 engine was in production through 1970 and still sounds great!

Engine Testing – 1955 Lancia B12
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Under the Hood

This B12 came with a 2.3 OHC V6 that looks stock from the outside but is estimated to put out close to 150 HP after a rebuild. The sales ad read, “Said to use no oil, produce no smoke, start easily, run cool and pull strongly, the motor turns a rebuilt and vibration-free prop shaft connected to the smooth shifting and quiet transaxle rear end…Additional rally prep includes stainless, braided brake hoses and fuel lines, high level exhaust, metal conduit for much of the wiring harness, twin fuel pumps, coils and more.”

Mean Maroon Machine

This car has completed over 20,000 miles in international rallies competing in  virtually all of Western and Eastern Europe as well as much of Africa and the Middle East. This 1955 B12 Aurelia, originally believed to be maroon in color, has been put to the test in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania.

First Production V6

Event Proven - Rally Car



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A  article on our 1955 Lancia B12 on AutoWeek.  This is when the car was being offered for sale, before we purchased it.  A little history about the rally from London to Capetown that our car participated in. Click here to read the article.

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