Day 22 – N. Novgorod to Zavidovo – 470.67 – N. Ring Track

Everything is going well for the little Lancia and the crew. Very grateful for the new shocks! The first event of the day was a time trial around the Novgorod Ring Race Track. What great fun! The car did great even with truck tires rubbing and squealing around the corners. Quick check with four other cars and we did a bit better than three of them. We did it in 9 minutes and 7 seconds. Which is completely shocking to us since the first go around we ended up in the gravel. Hopefully I can post the video later. I hope there isn’t any cussing. Maybe after the red Alfa passed on the left on a corner. They seem to be consistently bad drivers. There are a handful of them on this rally, that have caused us two breakdowns. Anyway onward and upward. Today is 470km and it is hot and humid with a few more tests.

Have a great day.

Kindness, Forgiveness and Courage.

Be well,