Day 19 – Perm to Kazan – Rough Roads and Gratitude – 628Km

Heading to Kazan today. So far very rough patches on the major highway just an hour out of the city. 7 hours to go. Strange the bad spots are random. Other stretches are pretty good. We have opted out of today’s timed trials and time controls, since there is about 80km of off road tracks. With no shocks it would take us at least 2 hours for the off road section. The drive straight through is 10 hours. Better to be safe than sorry, or on the side of the road.

Good news, it wasn’t the clutch making all that noise. It was the water pump. Yes, other end of the car, but after the rock incident the shifting has been a little sticky and the clutch slipped a couple of times. Anyway with the help of Jack and Travis, the mechanics, grease point removed (faulty grease point), water pump greased, and belt tightened all the noise is gone. The little Lancia lives again. Shocks are waiting in Kazan. Thank you Schebish Brothers, we thank you everyday for all your efforts of getting our car ready for the rally in less than 50 calendar days. It was delivered in boxes, and parts on three different vehicles. We wouldn’t be here without you guys, and Zach, and Tim.

Oh and not to forget Mike Kristch for all the advice and critical parts. Mike keep your pencil at the ready, the little Lancia is going to need a lot of tender loving care and parts when we return.

Health Update:
First off thank you for all the kind messages from all over the world. They sure did help, along with the antibiotics and sleep. Feeling 90% better. Thank you all.

Anyway back to navigating, watching for potholes and waving at all the people on the sides of the roadway waving us on and taking photos. They really love their old cars. They had the arrival live on the news at the hotel last night. Definitely lifts your spirits more to see so many smiling faces.

Be Kind, Be Forgiving, Be Courageous.

Have a great day.


PS: Hilaire, Talked with Paul, we had quick chat. He was looking rested and in very good spirits. It is always a delight to see him. Hopefully we will be able to share a meal one night before Paris with him and Martin.