Omsk to Tyumen – Day 16 – 677km

This post is going to be really short. Not feeling well, rally Doctor is coming to my room at the hotel. I think it is just the touch of the flu. After 11 hours in the car I don’t feel so chipper. No complaints, others have it much worse. Right on service, drugs, and early to bed.

Even though the roads were rough in spots the scenery was beautiful even through the rain. The forests of birch trees and underneath a blanket of ferns. Didn’t manage to get any photos. Maybe tomorrow. There also was a crop that had small yellow flowers covering the entire field.

Update on the car: It is shifting better with help from Jack the mechanic last night. But unfortunately we have another noise that started mid morning and persistently got worse. Sounds like the clutch will need adjusting. Bryon has gone to find the mechanics. They really are dedicated and very helpful if you manage to try and help yourself first and don’t walk away as soon as they show up. It isn’t AAA. A little respect goes a long way.

Night night.


Update: I had tonsillitis and a fever of 104. Luckily Dell the doctor gave me very good care and in a few days I was doing much better.