Homesick for Novosibirsk – Day 15 – Novosibirsk to Omsk – 695.00 Kilometers

We are back on the road, just left Novosibirsk 2 hours ago. The car got finished at 2:00am this morning. The mechanics did a great job. Our stay in Novosibirsk was one of the best stays along the trip, from people at the hotel, to the mechanics, to the organizers, to the volunteer interpreters, to people we meet at the cafe when we were escaping the hail storm. Our home away from home in Russia. So many more things happened but not enough time to write down. So many people to thank. We missed a few days of the rally, but that’s fine by us as we get to continue and got a good rest and made real connections with people with the same goal, people helping people!

As I was writing this, we just had a great scare as the car started to stall and the fuel gauges went completely to empty. We thought we might have a busted fuel line. After 5 minutes we figured it out it was a loose lead wire to the fuse panel. Thanks to Car 58, Tony and Jill for pulling over and waiting for us. Funny thing is we told them we would drop back to follow them as they were having some car issues into the early morning. They got back to the hotel at 4:00am. Our start times were just after 9:00am. Friends helping fiends.

Have a great day!

Kindness, Forgiveness, and Courage (KFC Tour)


PS: Everyone warned us how bad the truck drivers were. So far they have been great, signaling when the road is clear ahead for us to pass, waving us on, and stopping when we had to pull over. Grateful.