It’s the end of day 8. We made it. It was the toughest day so far. Several river crossing some without bridges. The dash camera has failed and the iPhone mount failed. We drove all day with no shocks. Just running on the leaf springs, which means going very slowly. We stopped to help a few other cars, which meant we missed our latest check-in time, so we may be out of Gold Medal standing. They may forgive the penalties, since so many others had much more trouble. Camp rumors are that one car started on fire and burned. Should be able to find out more tomorrow. We heard tomorrow is also going to be tough. It is breathtakingly beautiful, but tough. The photos do not do it justice.

We also stopped to cheer on a person running the Run for Peace.

Time for sleep. It is almost 12:30am.

More tomorrow.


Update the car that burned was car 21    Hok Kiang Sia(MY) / Eric Kuan Rong Sia(MY)    1933 – Rolls Royce Phantom II