Good morning.  Well I think when the organizers said there was a rest day, I think it was more like a rest day for the poor cars.  The stories at dinner were amazing and very similar.  We have blown two shocks, lost the headlight trim, got clogged fuel filters, and popped the back window out a bit, I think we might have bent the back frame a bit, but nothing concerning the mechanics on the rally.  So far now one has told us we should be concerned.  There have been many others that have much more experience and a few people who are winners of rallies like this, that are having much larger problems with their cars.  Some have blown engines, leaking gas tanks, blow exhausts, broken axles, and so much more, so glad we are still able to move along the road. But the mechanics did say they recommended shorter shocks and strapping the axles.

So today we will be working on getting the car worked on.  In an hour we take it to the Porsche Dealership, which is only a couple blocks from our hotel to get the car worked on. We are very fortunate that Tony and Jill – Car 58 – called weeks ahead and reserved some time.   Also there is a company called Nomads, that is supporting our trip through Mongolia, they provide the tents, meals, showers, etc and they have a shop in Ulannbaatar, so we may end up going there, as well.

So for the little Lancia, we are going to try and get the following completed today, so we can continue on: Shock replaced, clean fuel filters, clean air filters, work on the back window, to ensure it doesn’t get worse, get more replacement shocks (hopefully stronger and shorter), strap/chain the back axle, change the oil, get rid of a lot of items we brought (sending a lot of things home), try and move the spare tire from the roof into the passenger compartment, and clean the car inside and out, obviously not in this order and I am sure all of this will not get done in one day, but hopefully we can work on the critical items.

OK, it is 7am now.  We leave for the garage at 8:00, so I need to get a hustle on and get the car unpacked and repacked to make sure we can get rid of as much weight as we can.

Wish us luck.  Have a GREAT day everyone.  I keep on reminding my self and others, if you wake up breathing, it is a good day.  May not be the best one you ever had, but it sure is better than the alternative. These are all things, and you have to make the best of it.  We are very fortunate and grateful for all of this, our friends and family and being able to do this great adventure, and possibly using this adventure as a way to do a little good in this world for others.  Be Kind, Be Forgiving, Be Courageous.

Signing off from Ulaanbaatar