Here are a few links to some of the friends we have met along the way. Looking forward to getting to know them all better and also getting to know a few more.

The Lancia is running along smoothly, lost a hub cab today, but it was easily retrieved. It was the one on the car that looked like an after market one. There is no replacement for original parts. She is great on the open roads, now tomorrow we will see how she fairs off the pavement. We also heard that the other Lancia didn’t make it. That is a shame we really wanted to see it.

It poured rain for part of the day. We all thought this was supposed to be a desert? Well the car got washed and now is filthy again.

Off to bed now and onto Mongolia tomorrow. First night of camping. (We really didn’t mind being behind this beautiful car for part of the day.) (Great guys and a great charity they are raising money and awareness for.) (Jo and Heather – I think it would be harder to find two nicer people)